Advertising the Event

Execute / Implement

1. A facebook blast.

2. Send information to your patrons via an email blast.

3. Mention on club website.

4. Mention in house by dj and bartender.

5. Tag all scheduled radio ads and/or run sixty second commercials. Give a minimum of 10

general admission tickets per station as a promotion give away. Have the radio PR director

create a contest – the dj may agree to co-emcee the show once he/she provides takeovers

while on the air.

6. Distribute flyers in your town and surrounding areas.

7. Tag all newspaper ads.

8. Have beer distributor provide one to two banners, one for inside and one for outside

advertisement – mention on the marquee for drive by traffic at regular intervals and a few

weeks in advance.

9. Sell sponsorships to cut cost of show.

10. Place 12 x 18 posters around the venue and in restrooms.

11. Have bartenders sell tickets in advance! Make a contest, who can sell the most wins a


That's how it's done!

Questions? Call me: (646) 755-5183