How long is the performance?

The performance runs 2.5 hours in a night club and between 1-2 hours in a casino.

How many performers will be in the show?

The standard booking travels with a cast of six performers and an assistant. The show can be adjusted to fit your venue's needs.

What special requirements are needed for the show?

The area designated as the performance needs to be a minimum of 10' x 12'  to perform the production numbers with six cast members. An area designated for a dressing room should be equipped with mirrors, power outlets, clean towels and bottled water.

Does the show provide PA & lighting?

Most large venues are equipped with adequate sound system and lighting but, if agreed upon, we may provide concert PA & state of the art lighting, for an additional cost.

How many hotel rooms are needed?

The standard booking requires four double non-smoking hotel rooms at a medium level hotel. Example: Holiday Inn, Quality Inn, Days Inn, La Quinta or comparable, within 15 minutes of the venue for the night of the event.

Who covers travel costs?

The troupe travels from city to city in a tour bus so this allows for our show to cover travel cost unless airfare is needed for specific events that are agreed upon.

How much will a licensed Magic Mike Show production show cost?

Tour dates are booked according to routing and travel distance guidelines. Routing and timing sometimes gives us the opportunity to make the show even more economical. Call today and we will try to assist you so that the promotion is affordable to consider.

How much should I price the tickets?

The average ticket price is typically between $15.00-$25.00 in advance and $35.00 for VIP. Consider your capacity and economics of your area to price your tickets.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a 50% of the total as a deposit along with a signed contract to secure the event. The balance is due the night of the event upon arrival, prior to the show performance.

How does Magic Mike Show production compare with the other national shows?

Magic Mike Show is the #1 name in entertainment for male revue and delivers a first class Las Vegas production show at half the cost of our competitors. The Magic Mike Show operates three touring stage shows and performed at over 600 individual events in Europe since originating. Each show book end will or can be part of our new reality TV Show.

How much do the performers take off?

The Male Magic Mike show has been designed for night clubs and casinos. If your venue is able to have a bikini contest then it most likely is that our show will follow the local liquor laws. There is absolutely no nudity and our performers run the most professional show on the road today in the male burlesque industry. We are a Las Vegas stage show with limited contact with the customers.

How far  in advance should I book my show?

We are currently scheduling dates six months to a year in advance and also as little as three weeks out. Most venues prefer to host the show twice a year so that they have the exclusive contract with "The Magic Mike Show" in their area.

I'm ready to book...what is the next step?

Contact one of our staff at Vegas All Star Entertainment or The Magic Mike Tour Show Productions at:  (646) 755-5183 and we will find the date that works best for your venue. Once your date is secured we will send you all the marketing material to successfully promote the show. Rest assured you are booking the nations very best male revue show!



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